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What’s right about “Wrong Way”?

What’s right about “Wrong Way”?

An introspective on “Wrong Way” by Martin Dunn. “Bonnie and Clyde meets Fight CLUB by way of SLC PUNK!” That is the tagline in the pitch for this series that has been the most challenging, therapeutic, and fulfilling creator-owned work of my comic book career.   I originally started working on “Wrong Way” back in early 2012. […]

The struggle is real

In 2005 I was managing a video rental store when a local comic enthusiast stood in my line talking about DC’s Lobo. I told the Fanboy to “hurry up or get fragged” and my introduction into the world of working in comics began. At first there was the learning curve, the first written work of […]

The IAMBS #3: Harrassment, Abuse, #Death2Fanboys, & A Top 10 List? Who Writes This Cr…

[TRIGGER WARNING: The following blog contains graphic psychological nudity, WINNING!, & opinions. Please exercise extreme wearing of your big-girl jockeys and/or your big-boy panties while reading.] Howdy, howdy, y’all! Well, it’s that time again in which my deadline approaches me like a time-train trying to send Doc and Marty back to 1985 while I just sit […]

The IAMBS #2: Blah, Blah, & Con Lag

Howdy, howdy, sports-fans! I’m calling you sports-fans because I have no intention of talking about sports today. I don’t even follow sports. Well, except for the more unorganized ones like pro wrasslin’, roller derby, and snuff flicks. … … LET’S GO! [Insert IAMBS Title Card… It’s not funny the second time.] The Inquiry As I’m […]

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