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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Con Artist Entertainment?

Con Artist Entertainment is an independent publisher of comics, web series, podcasts, and more. You can find us at comic conventions across the country. Launched in 2012, the Central Florida-based company has become a major player in the independent comic scene.

Who are the CAE founders?

Con Artist Entertainment was originally founded by: Martin Dunn, Shawn Talley, Adam Simonds, Marcus Morgan, Javier Lugo, and Jamie Verge. Of those six founders, only three remain as full partners: Dunn, Verge, and Lugo.

Who are the current CAE partners?

There are currently 5 partners in CAE: Martin Dunn, Jamie Verge, Javier Lugo, Derrick Fish, and Aly Roth.

What does “creator-owned” mean?

“Creator-Owned” means that the trademark and copyrights of works presented by original creators, continue to belong to said creator. CAE only publishes “Creator-owned” work, both in comics and graphic novels. While CAE as a company does have some say in promotional and marketing of the titles it publishes, it is done with non-creative interference to protect the company and maintain our public image.

What’s a miniseries?

A miniseries, sometimes referred to as a finite or limited series, is essentially a finite comic book series, generally running between two to eight issues.

What’s the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel?

Comic books are typically 32-page periodicals. Graphic novels are published in book form and are generally much longer than a standard comic book. Some graphic novels compile serialized comics stories, while others feature completely new material.

Where can I buy CAE comics?

CAE is primarily sold in local comic book shops. As we make a bigger play for wider distribution, you can order from our website, or if you prefer, you can find us on Amazon Kindle, Comixology, Drive-Thru Comics, and several other Digital format stores.

How often is the Website updated?

We are working on a daily routine, however, for now it’s mostly weekly. There’s always something new going on, ranging from news, and updates on our books, previews, release dates, and appearances.

Does CAE Studios run paid advertisements?

Yes. Please contact Martin Dunn, for more information.

Does CAE Studios ever reprint material previously published by other companies?

Yes. We have reprinted material that has been published elsewhere.

Does CAE Studios hire writers and artists to produce its comics?

Occasionally. However, the overwhelming majority of our titles are creator-owned. We do not operate like a typical comics publisher. We do not assign writers and artists to the titles we publish; the creators determine who will be involved with the production of their individual titles.

Does CAE Studios accept proposals for new comics and graphic novels?

Yes. Please read our submissions guidelines for more information.

Who decides which submissions get approved?

Either Martin Dunn, or Aly Roth personally review every proposal. When one stands out, it is passed around to the office staff for their input. The proposal is then reviewed at our weekly staff meeting.

Will someone reply to my submission?

We do our best to respond to submissions. However, due to the high volume and the amount of manpower required, there are no guarantees every submission will be responded to.

Will my submission be returned?

No. This is why we ask those submitting proposals NOT to send original art. We ask for you to email us PDF of your submissions instead.

Should I make a follow up call?

No. Please be patient. We look at ALL submissions and will eventually get to yours. Please make sure you provide a current email address along with your book proposal.

What does “TPB” stand for?

“TPB” stands for trade paperback.


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