San Diego Comic Con

Last week was San Diego Comic Con. That sentence alone spells out in pop culture what this week means for fun. Its like the Super Bowl for football fans, the World Series for Baseball. Do I need to name off any other big event to compare? Ok one more The Summer Olympics. Anyways I just wanted to explain why I would never and I mean never ev [...]

New & Noteworthy 7/30/14

So, San Diego Comic-Con just happened. I wasn’t there. Again. I’m bitter, but still happy with the news that come out. Movie news? Yeah, ok. Comic news? Yes. I don’t have the skinny, though. Sorry. I wasn’t there, remember? I did just watch that leaked Deadpool movie footage, though. All I have to say is the guy who di [...]

Batman Day

Batman Day is today for the 75th year of Batman being printed in comic books. I’m just telling you for one to get out to the comic book shop and pick up your free copy of Detective Comics #27. Now this isn’t the million dollar copy that will put your children through college. No its a reprint with also current stories from the ho [...]

New & Noteworthy 7/23/14

One thing I love about the comic book train is that it never really loses steam. Every single week we have comics. Every week there is a bunch of top quality stuff coming out. With video games there’s a busy time of the year in the Fall/Winter, and then the market on AAA games peters out for a while. Comic books never leave me hanging. [...]

Internet Nerd Rage

From time to time the internet is a special place. Especially the last couple weeks when pertaining to comic books. In particular I’m talking about the announcement of Thor character becoming a woman. The initial response from a lot of fans was outcry and here is my opinion on this outcry. I hope you enjoy the video and check out caest [...]

New & Noteworthy 7/9/14

Hi, I’m Tommy Lutz and I’ll be your host this evening. Thank you all for joining me in celebrating this momentous occasion: Wednesday. Folks, not every day can be Wednesday. I’m sure other days of the week secretly wish they were Wednesday. Sure, Friday is the start of the weekend, and Saturdays are party time, and Sundays a [...]

Early Image Comics Vlog

What do I think of early Image comic books? What do you think of early Image comic books? Find out in this video and then tell the whole world what your opinion on early Image books as well. Thanks for watching and come back again next week.

New & Noteworthy 7/2/14

“Golly, it’s kind of small, isn’t it?” Yes, it is kind of small compared to others. I’m talking about my comic pull list for this week. Nine comics. NINE. 9. I’m used to a minimum of twelve. That means choosing a top five comics for this week means putting more than half of my weekly comic haul into this li [...]