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The IAMBS #5: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Internet…


[TRIGGER WARNING: The following blog contains graphic psychological nudity, WINNING!, & some jerk’s subjective opinions.┬áPlease exercise extreme wearing of your big-girl jockeys and/or your big-boy panties while reading.] Howdy, howdy, once again to all my freaks, geeks, and rousties out there in internet-land! Apparently the world was supposed to end every other week of September […]

24 Hour Comic Day!

24 Hour Comic Day!

It is with all seriousness that I can say… WE DID IT! With one minute, yes, one measly little minute to spare, we completed a 24-page comic: pencils, traditional inks, and letters! We’ll have a more comprehensive breakdown and discussion of the 24 hours of insanity later this week; I know that it will be […]

24 Hour Comic Day Update

24 Hour Comic Day Update

We’re three hours in, got our story outlined, cover is being inked, and pages are starting to be laid out. Also, first pot of coffee has been consumed with a second pot already made. I wonder how many pots of coffee will be consumed before the end of the day… Any guesses? Don’t forget the […]

24-Hour Comic Day


Kick off starts shortly, so those of you who have been waiting you’ll get to see the comic creating madness soon. We’re just waiting on a last minute straggler to arrive and then GO TIME/GO TEAM!

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