Sidequests in the Breakroom – Lootcrate Unboxing for June of 2015


CAE Media presents “Sidequests in the Breakroom” – A new series of videos where we do unboxing, quick reviews, random thoughts and more. This episode – Martin Dunn unboxes Lootcrate’s June 2015 SUBBOX, themed “CYBER”! Check it out! Sidequests in the Breakroom theme music by –

#DeathToFanboys – Episode 05 – The Fallout of Tardiness

DeathToFanboys Logo

3 weeks between episodes, what is going on here?  Martin is back, and he has an explanation! What do we have in store for you here? Well, we cover Fallout 4, of course! Martin also goes into some detail about what we expect from the game, discusses his trip to Full Impact Pro, and all […]

Cap’n Cummings – Episode 11 – Selling Comic Books On Ebay Rant


You would think selling things on ebay would be quick easy and fun. But its not always fun and games. Here is a short rant video expressing my content and frustration with selling things on ebay. I hope you enjoy. Twitter: @mysteryvlog Instagram: Capncummings Youtube: Capncummings

#DeathToFanboys – Episode 04 – Space Coast to Coast!


Join Martin in Melbourne, Florida for Space Coast Nerdfest 2015! Martin interviews a famous Star Wars star, and is joined by former pro wrestler, now comic writer Dustin Holifer.


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